Industries Overview

Supply Chain Focused

Collaborate with professionals specialized in understanding the industries and people you serve. Our network of consultants know your industry inside and out. We won’t rest until you get the results you demand. In fact, we encourage our clients to be demanding partners because when you win—we win!


Solving problems by entrenching ourselves in your culture helps us stand apart. That plus our decades of experience isn’t our biggest differentiator.

It’s the acknowledgement that to be the best for our clients, we first needed to be the best at what we do. Becoming a Top Workplace earned us the right—and the distinction—to help others based on our unique point of view.

Then, by also providing consistent and innovative solutions, were we able to share with others the keys to outperforming the market. It’s yet another way Catena Solutions assists you in defining strategies that strengthen your organization for years to come. 

Consumer Packaged Goods

Challenges facing CPG leaders today include inventory management and cost effective distribution methods. This includes replenishment lanes, where to put distribution centers, how to keep products on shelves at retailers, and making sure they’re stocked to keep market share through inventory levels, all while needing the data to make these decisions. Winning in this environment takes experience, focus, and a steady hand. See how we can help you create sustainable value.

  • Food & Beverage
    Catena Solutions has the experience to ensure the changes mandated by the FDA are incorporated into every one of our partners’ operations.  
  • Household & Consumer Goods
    We partner with you to deliver for your customers at the right time, in the right way, in order to support your brand loyalty goals.
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Manufacturing & Distribution

Advanced manufacturing technologies are transforming labor, production, and distribution in almost every sector. Are you ready? We collaborate with market leaders on their most strategic business challenges.

  • FDA-Regulated Manufacturing
    Catena Solutions has the experience to ensure the changes mandated by the FDA are incorporated into every one of our partners’ operations. 
  • Manufacturing
    From international development to domestic trucking and railroad transportation, our experts can help you stay on top of the trends impacting all the different facets of the manufacturing industry.
  • Energy
    Manufacturers and distributors are seeing the impact of a demand for greener and more renewable energy than ever before. We want to put you in the best possible position in this evolving landscape.
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Opportunities at Catena Solutions

At Catena Solutions, we’re actively searching for consultants to help our clients solve their supply chain problems through transformative projects. See if you’re a good fit by following the link below.