Solutions Overview

The Best Solutions From The Best People

Our process and philosophy revolves around one basic tenet: There is no replacement for finding the best people to dig in and stay the course until the problem is resolved. By remaining rooted in this thinking, our people deliver for the companies we serve.


Many firms claim to be proactive. But what are they delivering? A playbook, a policy, a roadmap?

We deliver quantifiable and tangible solutions.

Over the years, we have always been leading edge and an early adopter. By doing so we have helped countless clients stay ahead of market trends, enabling them to focus on their customers while their competitors struggle through the challenges of the day.

When working with Catena Solutions, you not only get access to our expertise, but you are embraced by our family of clients. For years, we have taken great pride in connecting our clients with one another through our thought leadership events, publications, and even one-on-one. We believe that learning can come from everywhere.

Business Transformation

We manage your projects at scale and accelerate your transformation with minimal disruption. 

Transform your business

Organizational Effectiveness

Align capabilities, structure, and strategy to get the most out of your team.

Build & Enhance EPMO/PMO

Implement a more robust project management system to increase success rates.

Human Capital Strategy & Optimization

Maximize compensation, benefits, and incentives to make your employees feel valued and align their success to that of the business.

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Data & Analytics

We assist you in automating your processes to enable smart and informed decision-making.

  • Business Intelligence
    Transform data into actionable insights to improve and optimize performance.
  • Business Process Optimization
    Identify gaps and inefficiencies to strengthen your business.
  • Technical Project Management
    Project Managers to deliver results to your digital transformation initiatives.

Strategic Finance & Global Sourcing

We identify and deploy strategies to ensure you have visibility to optimize the performance of your supply chain.

Improve your performance

Supply Chain Optimization

Create a reliable and resilient supply chain aimed at always exceeding the customer’s expectations while also reducing the carbon footprint in the world.

Financial Transformation

Streamline your processes and systems to modernize your finance function.

Financial Insights

Capture the most accurate insights in real-time to get a clear picture of financial health.

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Opportunities at Catena Solutions

At Catena Solutions, we’re actively searching for consultants to help our clients solve their supply chain problems through transformative projects. See if you’re a good fit by following the link below.