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We are dedicated to the Food & Beverage industry with expertise supporting local, national, and global CPG brands.

Catena Solutions works with organizations across the Food & Beverage value chain:

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From privately held to publicly traded to PE-backed companies, Catena Solutions is your Food & Beverage resource partner. As the industry continues to evolve to meet consumer demands, Catena remains at the forefront of these changes to work with organizations to evolve along with them.


Ingredients are the backbone of the food and beverage industry. As consumer preferences evolve, innovative use of ingredients is driving health-conscious and global trends. Catena Solutions provides expertise across the following Ingredient categories:

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Ingredients, Flavorings & Seasonings

Demand is growing for bold flavors that don’t skimp on functional health benefits.

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All eyes are on traceable, sustainable, and locally-sourced options.

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Manufacturing & Processing

Manufacturing and processing enable the production of diverse and convenient food items, catering to the needs of busy lifestyles and supporting the global economy. Catena Solutions provides expertise across the following Manufacturing & Processing categories:

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Baby Food

Healthier and safer options ensure the well-being of today’s youngest consumers.

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Bakery, Confectionery & Snacks

Companies are catering to growing preferences for quick indulgences.

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A surge in health-focused consumers is impacting beverage needs across-the-board.

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Versatile for a wide range of culinary applications, dairy is becoming more innovative by the day.

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Meat, Poultry & Seafood

Mindful consumers are prioritizing humanely raised and sustainable options.

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Nutraceuticals provide a proactive approach to health management and wellness.

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Packaging & Containers

From product protection to brand building, the importance of packaging can’t be overlooked.

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Pet Food

With personalized formulas and natural ingredients, today’s pet food rivals our own.

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Private Label

Inflation is driving private label expansion like never before.

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Refrigerated & Frozen Food

Prepared foods are essential for today’s busy consumers.

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Shelf-Stable Products

Technology and packaging are promoting cost effectiveness and a longer shelf life.

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Specialty Food

Specialty food stands out in a crowded market with new and diverse offerings.


A great product is nothing without a well-managed distribution network. Catena Solutions provides expertise across the following Distribution categories:

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Foodservice Distribution

Timely and efficient delivery to meet the demands of a fast-paced industry.

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Wholesale Distribution

Robust supply chain management to maintain consistent product availability.

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Level up the way consumers connect with their favorite products. Catena Solutions provides expertise across the following Retail categories:

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The primary points of access for consumers, the grocery channel is vital to large-scale and smaller manufacturers.

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Individual owner operators, multi-unit restaurant chains, and multi-brand global restaurant groups all have unique needs.

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