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Getting it right the first time is our goal with every project and every partner. It starts with listening and understanding the problem and extends to how we collaborate with market leaders to ensure we leave nothing to chance. It’s all part of why we have a high satisfaction rate among our long-time partners.

FDA-Regulated Manufacturing

The Food and Drug Administration is the watchdog over how food, chemicals, medical devices, and more are manufactured and distributed. Catena Solutions has the experience to ensure the changes mandated by the FDA are incorporated into every one of our partners’ operations.

Food Production

As food manufacturers and distributors face an ever-changing world where quality and transparency are paramount to the public’s decisions on what food to buy, the producers are faced with greater challenges of meeting and exceeding those demands. Our goal is to guide you through these times by helping to optimize your supply chain.

Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals

The distribution of pharmaceuticals has arguably never been more top-of-mind than it has been since the pandemic. This new focus means new challenges across the supply chain. That’s why we’ve been working with our clients to ensure FDA quality while helping them remain competitive through every challenge.

Medical Devices

New medical product manufacturing technologies are essential for improving the way we treat individuals, their ailments, and certain diseases. For this reason, it’s essential we minimize disruption in driving these favorable outcomes.


We want to work with you to accurately set production metrics to offset potential supply chain challenges within your industry and operations. From international development to domestic trucking and railroad transportation, our experts can help you stay on top of the trends impacting all the different facets of the manufacturing industry.

  • Packaging & Containers
    Your package and freight delivery operations should be one with minimal disruption and without costly errors. We will work with your team to ensure your shipping capabilities are connected and seamless.
  • Machinery, Electrical, & Electronic Manufacturing
    With electronic manufacturing poised to be a $500 billion sector, sweeping transformation is already underway and expectations are on the rise for speed, accuracy, and innovation. We can help you take the risk out of your supply chain.
  • Construction & Building Materials
    With the construction industry expected to see nearly a 7% growth in the residential and non-residential sectors in the U.S., we want to help your organization develop strategies for years to come with the expected growth surely to impact your operations.
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With the growing need for more businesses to go green and become sustainable, manufacturers and distributors are seeing the impact of these demands more than ever before. We want to put you in the best possible position to make these transitions seamless.


  • Energy drives growth and power to the rest of the economy from the ground level. Without it, we are unable to supply the world with one of its natural resources that drives creativity, innovation, and production.
  • However, we also need to do our part to make sure we use and invest in as much renewable energy as possible without disrupting the supply chain, industries, and consumers who depend on it. Consult with Catena Solutions to see how we can help you manage this complicated movement.

Opportunities at Catena Solutions

At Catena Solutions, we’re actively searching for consultants to help our clients solve their supply chain problems through transformative projects. See if you’re a good fit by following the link below.

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