Leadership Team


Meet Our Team

Leo Sheridan

Founder & Executive Chairman

Leo is a respected industry leader, founding multiple consulting and specialized staffing service organizations over the last 30 years. Leo is a community-focused leader, active volunteer, board member, and advisor for both professional organizations and nonprofits, with a focus on diversity, gender equality and underserved youth.

Jason Rubinstein

Chief Transformation Officer

Jason has successfully built and managed new consumer and enterprise applications, services, and companies over the past 25+ years. He is responsible for leading strategy, growth, and innovation across all of Advanced Group’s businesses.

Mary Finley

Chief People Officer

Mary’s passion is making work more human. Mary leads our global people strategies, contributes to strategic planning across the business, and plays a key role in organizational transformation and change management. As head of our People & Culture function, Mary is committed to building a culture that encourages the growth and development, holistic well-being, and empowerment of our diverse teams.

Diana Karabelas, Esq.

Chief Legal Officer

Diana applies her 25+ years of expertise in support of firm-wide initiatives. Her specialties include business strategy, corporate law, regulatory compliance, government affairs, employment law, litigation, mediation, and workforce solutions.

Geoff Coltman

Senior Vice President

Geoff has spent the past 15+ years supporting supply chain organizations by working through their operating realities to find solutions for their problems. Under Geoff’s leadership our team builds relationships, offering our clients a customized approach to accomplish their goals.

Dave Minor

VP of Delivery

Dave brings over 30 years of experience in the consulting industry and over 20 years in the food and beverage manufacturing space. As the VP of Delivery, Dave leads a team of delivery consultants, responsible for oversight of both solution strategy and delivery execution.

Jennifer D’Angelo

VP of Business Development

Jennifer has developed a vast consultant network, taking pride in providing solutions to help meet her clients where they are in their transformation journey. As VP of Business Development, Jennifer provides expert resources and insight to ensure successful and cost-effective initiatives.

Erin McMahill

Senior Director of Operations

Erin brings 20+ years of operations expertise to help formulate business strategy and execute our strategic initiatives, while ensuring a focus on operational excellence. As a core member of the leadership team, Erin drives collaboration to secure success through the intersection of innovation, technology, and process.

Sara Drake

Senior Director of Marketing

Sara has spent the past 15+ years of her marketing career focused on building brands. As head of marketing through collaboration with the rest of the leadership team, Sara develops and executes strategy to drive the business forward.