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Improve Your Resource & Asset Management

You can’t afford to make mistakes and you need the right partners to ensure your sustainability in today’s global economy. In addition to providing consulting or interim leadership, Catena Solutions provides the expertise to support companies and help them get over the hump on key financial efforts.

Supply Chain Optimization

We specialize in helping clients improve on their efficacy and performance of their manufacturing and distribution supply chains by making the best use of technology and insights.

  • Supply Chain Planning
    Our experts will augment your strategies to more accurately anticipate the journey from sourcing to delivery.
  • Support Supply Chain Strategic Initiatives
    Businesses are under pressure to boost supply chain performance to meet demand. We’re here to support your change initiatives.


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Financial Transformations

Our team brings analytical and financial expertise to support the CFO in becoming a powerful force for profitable growth, delivering insights, efficiency, and strategic value

Financial Change Management

Restructure and organize your financial team and systems to work harder for your business and to make informed decisions.

  Financial Innovation

We will partner with you to automate manual, redundant tasks in order to enable the team to focus on higher-value work.

Financial Integration &

No transaction is as simple as expected. We do the work required so you can better integrate your teams, systems, and processes.


As your organization scales or consolidates, you need to be prepared while adhering to regulatory requirements.

O2C & P2P

Let us help you remove the speed bumps in your O2C and P2P process through industry best practices and automation.

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Predictive Financial Insights

Let us help you maximize transparency and performance insight to improve compliance and upgrade financial forecasting.

  • Supply Chain Finance Planning
    Managing COGS is only part of the challenge. We will partner with you to obtain materials and deliver to your customers in the most efficient way.
  • Pricing Strategies
    Avoid margin compression due to unexpected and rising costs. Proactively anticipate changes in the market by having the visibility into pricing required to remain competitive.
  • FP&A Optimization
    Implement cutting-edge strategies to improve analysis while also ensuring a precise outlook stakeholders can count on.
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Opportunities at Catena Solutions

At Catena Solutions, we’re actively searching for consultants to help our clients solve their supply chain problems through transformative projects. See if you’re a good fit by following the link below.

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