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All About Business Transformation

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Transform or get left behind. Dramatic effect aside, this certainly rings true in today’s environment. Companies are racing to find ways to rebuild their businesses, capitalize on new market opportunities, or optimize operations to meet new, often changing, business needs and challenges.

Business transformation is not new, but it’s never been as critical as it is today. Unfortunately, it’s also not typically a successful initiative. Research has found that 70% of business transformations ultimately fail.

Our newest issue of Work Matters is all about business transformation. It is far and away one of the most common reasons that companies reach out to us for support. Why?

There’s no one way to approach it. 

It’s daunting to think of undergoing a business transformation journey. While there are certainly best practices to lean on, each company’s journey is unique to their business goals and specific challenges. It’s also highly unlikely that companies have all the right experts they need to be successful in-house.

Businesses are trying to hit a moving target. 

The pace of change in today’s economic environment is faster than ever. Company goals are often in flux, depending on market opportunities and realities. Staying the course is difficult, especially where it’s necessary to course correct along the way.

Workforce challenges are complicating operations. 

The massive, widespread talent shortage and ongoing attrition challenges make it difficult for companies to plan for the future. It’s difficult to optimize operations when talent needs are in constant flux.

Supply chain disruption is consuming for many. 

Current supply chain disruptions are forcing many companies into reactive mode, working to stabilize operations instead of optimizing for efficiency. Companies are struggling to give business transformation the spotlight it deserves while addressing these very real, very immediate issues.

In this Work Matters report, we cover everything from workforce planning to organizational effectiveness strategies.

Contact us to discuss your unique challenges and create a path forward on your business transformation journey.

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