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Change Management for Order-to-Cash Redesign

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The Client

Food and beverage ingredient provider

The Challenge

The company’s inefficient processes were amplified during the supply chain crisis in recent years. While some of the issues had been resolved, the company needed to address continuing problems with customer orders, inventory, and supply/demand levels.

One of the ways the company aimed to improve processes was by overhauling the order-to-cash (O2C) process. This redesign was going to affect nearly 1,000 employees in Europe, so the company needed a resource to ensure project success and employee adoption.

The Solution

We deployed an experienced Change Management Leader to spearhead the change management process for the O2C redesign. This included:

  • Identifying the impacted employees and processes
  • Taking a deep dive into each project aspect and workstream to understand the change management needed
  • Recommending support, funding, training, and communication tactics
  • Creating a change impact analysis to inform the change management strategy
  • Implementing a multi-faceted communication and awareness campaign to ensure all impacted areas were aware of the change and project status
  • Participating in departmental and division meetings to ensure proper levels of engagement and understanding
  • Developing training for the roles impacted by the change
  • Ensuring stakeholder engagement, support, and alignment
  • Transferring ownership of the redesigned processes to the appropriate business process owners
  • Conducting a project retrospective analysis to gain perspective on project successes and challenges

The Benefit

The change management plan by our consultant enabled a smooth redesign of O2C processes in the company’s European business unit. Employees were engaged and informed during the implementation process, which helped prevent turnover and resistance and instead increased adoption.

With a successful redesign of the O2C process, the company can now:

  • Process customer orders more quickly and efficiently
  • Reduce inventory levels
  • Manage scarcity of supply more effectively
  • Eliminate manual system workarounds
  • Establish a global standard process to export to other regions
  • Solve a significant number of customer pain points

Additionally, the project retrospective analysis will be used to help the company adjust their strategy as they implement the redesign in the remaining regions.

Finally, our consultant’s project management approach and successful outcomes were identified as a leading candidate for the company’s CEO Award Program.

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