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Strategy for Shared Services Relocation

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The Client

A global food and beverage company

The Challenge

The company needed to relocate a shared services function from the U.S. to Mexico for cost efficiency reasons.

The challenge was twofold:

1. Creating the change management framework and communications plan for a smooth transition
2. Designing separation, retention, and incentive compensation plans for the impacted employees

The Solution

The company turned to us to solve both challenges. We assembled an experienced team consisting of a Communications Consultant and Compensation Consultant to scope and execute the project.

Change Management Solution

We created a complete strategy to help the organization communicate the transformation while maintaining credibility with the employees. Extensive research, assessments, analyses, stakeholder interviews, and collaboration were essential to design the change management and communications plans.

The solution included equipping the executive team and company leaders with comprehensive templates and materials to successfully implement the change. This included tool kits, talking points, town halls, scripts, emails, and employee engagement activities.

Compensation Solution

We designed separation, retention, and incentive packages on a person-by-person basis versus a general approach for affected employees. This entailed reviewing and analyzing roles, compensation, tenure, equity, and performance ratings to ensure the packages were satisfactory.

The Benefit

The plans we delivered allowed the company to:

  • Seamlessly execute the transformation
  • Communicate the change in a transparent yet effective manner
  • Mitigate employee concerns through stakeholder and executive preparedness
  • Provide personalized and fair compensation packages for impacted employees
  • Reduce turnover once the change was announced

The success of our solutions led the client to request the change management plan be modeled for another region, with hopes of basing organizational change on the framework going forward.

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