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International Shared Services Relocation

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The Client

A leading CPG company

The Challenge

The organization was planning on relocating a shared services function internationally to save on operating expenses. However, the company needed help ensuring the transformation was executed successfully.

The Solution

We brought on an experienced consultant to lead the multi-year global strategy to transition corporate functions and support transactional activities to a captive shared services model in Santiago, Chile.

Organizational Design

The consultant first designed the corporate structure at the new location. This included providing the company with job descriptions, hiring plans, and compensation policies for the roles.

The consultant then sourced a highly productive and skilled workforce in Chile to take over the relocated functions, saving the company operating expenses and improving productivity.

Change Management

The consultant also handled all change management and communications for the impacted U.S. workers, leading to efficient offboarding and a smooth transition.

The Benefit

The benefits were a seamless execution and more than $3 million in year-over-year savings for the company.

The results provided were so effective that the client enlisted our expertise again, bringing the consultant back for an additional project. This time, the consultant led the human capital components for an aggressive reorganization and dispositions strategy that resulted in reducing the workforce by two-thirds following a merger.

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