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EPMO for Project Visibility

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The Client

Home appliance manufacturer

The Challenge

The company was experiencing a lack of project performance visibility tied to corporate function projects. These included non-product development projects sponsored by finance, HR, IT, legal, marketing, procurement, sales, and other functional teams.

Specifically, the leadership team didn’t have easily accessible information on whether the corporate function projects were delivering within scope, schedule, and budget. Leadership also didn’t have a way to evaluate the existing project workload against newly proposed projects.

The Solution

We placed a head of EPMO at the company who established an enterprise-level project management office inclusive of policy, governance, focus areas, deliverable requirements, tools, and support.

The consultant developed standard project portfolio management reporting, processes, and procedures for all corporate functions at the company included in a centralized project tracker. The initial tracker comprised more than 80 projects sponsored by 15 different corporate functions.

Example projects included:

  • Managing a complex company name and operational restructuring project across four continents. Included a cross-country IP sale, operating entity, and banking changes to streamline the sales and supply chain operations and simplify the complex global tax structure.
  • Implementing an enterprise project portfolio management software tool used in over 200 product developments.
  • Leading a business transformation initiative focused on the automation and optimization of finance, IT, and corporate governance infrastructure.
  • Leading corporate sustainable development initiatives.

The consultant also provided guidance on the best project management practices, tools, and techniques.

The Benefit

The newly built EPMO function created project performance visibility and allowed business leaders to make informed decisions regarding existing and future projects.

The solution from our consultant also enabled the client to review month-by-month and year-by-year project delivery results, lessons learned, and overall trends associated with the project management success rates within the company. This also helped set the company up for success regarding future M&A activity.

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