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MDM Road Map & Process Improvement

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The Client

International leader in premium spirits

The Challenge

The company was under a critical deadline to onboard a client with online capabilities. The challenge facing them was this data did not have a consistent process and thus created frustrations due to unorganized data.

In addition, the company was looking to expand their online distribution capabilities in Europe and via Amazon, requiring consistent data across the organization. This deadline needed to be met within 30 days to accomplish the objectives set by the organization.

The Solution

The company brought on our team to build a Master Data Management (MDM) improvement road map to identify and fix the current process gaps, and ultimately ensure it was structured to provide the necessary business objectives. We assembled a team including a retail/CPG data governance consultant in addition to three additional resources experienced with MDM, data flow, architecture, advisory services, and overall technical expertise. The project team assisted in the completion of assigned functional deliverables associated with the master data enterprise systems project.

The Benefit

Our team successfully provided the desired deliverables ahead of schedule, ensuring they could effectively onboard their customer. Additional benefits of the project included:

  • Targeting and eliminating common frustrations due to unorganized data
  • Improving their ability to trust the organization’s most valuable assets
  • Increasing confidence and providing better access to data by enabling strong analytics, delivering cost savings, and improving productivity

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