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Strategic Planning for Plant-Based Category Growth

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The Client

Multinational food & beverage company

The Challenge

A multinational food & beverage company was focused on accelerating plant-based category growth to keep up with market and consumer trends.

The company needed to strategize and present a three-year roadmap for plant-based growth for North America but didn’t have the resources to complete it.

The Solution

The company engaged Catena Solutions to assist. We deployed a Strategy Consultant to partner with the Vice President of Marketing to translate the plant-based strategic plan into a roadmap to present to the CEO. Our consultant:

  • Leveraged new consumer segmentation work to uncover opportunities to target dairy switchers or plant-based users/enablers to expand usage
  • Identified specific base-types within the plant-based beverage category to drive hyper focus to accelerate growth
  • Developed initial programming ideas to kickstart consumer and retail activation
  • Developed a full category diagnostic to understand “where to play” and “how to win”
  • Helped build a full storyline on how the plant-based business unit would accelerate growth in the next three years

Because our consultant was a former executive at a similar-sized food and beverage company, their industry knowledge and transferrable skills enabled them to hit the ground running, making an impact on the project right away. The consultant also offered a unique third-party perspective, bringing new ideas and methodologies to the company.

The Benefit

The presentation was successful and well-received by the global CEO. Additionally, the client was able to use our consultant’s presentation as a model for future strategic planning initiatives for their yogurt and coffee creamer categories. 

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