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Data Validation for Visier Implementation

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The Client

Global information and insights agency

The Challenge

The company was implementing people analytics solution Visier. However, when transferring data from Workday to the new system, the team realized much of its HR-related data was inaccurate and unusable, hindering progress of the implementation.

The Solution

Catena Solutions’ People Analytics Consultant led the company through the data validation needed for Visier to be implemented effectively.

This included:

  • Comparing complex reports of large data sets
  • Identifying data patterns and anomalies
  • Correcting data that had been entered incorrectly
  • Creating a new process for entering data to ensure accuracy
  • Coordinating with operations to roll out the data management process to the HR team

The consultant’s previous HR operations experience also enabled them to quickly identify patterns with the existing data and recommend data the company should prioritize going forward.

The Benefit

The result was validated, clean, and organized data for:

  • 13,000+ existing employees
  • 1,000+ open roles the company was actively recruiting for
  • 40,000 candidate records

With the data validated, the company was able to move forward with the Visier implementation. Users of the new tool can self-serve their data needs, creating dashboards and analyses to support various initiatives.

Additionally, the company has a system to ensure clean and organized data management moving forward, which has led to a more complete view of workforce operations and processes.

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