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HR Process Improvement for M&A

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The Client

Private equity firm

The Challenge

The firm was going through a period of growth and was completing multiple acquisitions of manufacturing companies. However, this uncovered gaps in the operational and human resources processes for the client’s portfolio companies that were causing inefficiencies and roadblocks.

The Solution

We brought in a team to improve processes for the client’s portfolio companies.

  • Phase One: HR Due Diligence & Compliance. Our consultants completed an audit of the company’s current state, which focused on finding compliance and exposure issues. Our team then delivered recommendations and a plan to ensure compliance from an HR standpoint.
  • Phase Two: Organizational Design. Catena’s consultants then assessed the firm’s organizational structure, ensuring it was designed for efficiency and effectiveness to support future initiatives. This included identifying the positions needed to resolve challenges brought to light by the organizational design analysis.
  • Phase Three: Total Rewards Strategy & Integration. The PE firm was struggling to effectively integrate the acquired companies’ total rewards strategies with their own. Our team developed a comprehensive total rewards strategy that involved assessing and merging benefits, compensation, and other total rewards aspects into a new program. Additionally, we delivered a communication strategy and recommendations for maintaining company culture throughout implementation of the new total rewards strategy.
  • Phase Four: HR Business Continuance. We deployed HR leaders throughout the company to provide business continuance support and assist in implementing the new strategies.

The Benefit

  • Increased efficiency during acquisitions
  • Improved legal compliance
  • Successfully integrated HR processes
  • Retention of key talent
  • Improved company culture
  • Comprehensive organizational design and total rewards strategies
  • Creation of blueprint for future HR strategies
  • Best-in-class HR operations
  • Preparedness for future post-M&A activities

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