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Talent Brand Activation Strategy

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The Client

Food processing equipment company

The Challenge

The client invested over $12 million in machining and infrastructural upgrades to transform one of its food processing equipment plants into a world-class facility.

However, the company was struggling to adequately staff the upgraded facility, which led to manufacturing disruptions and production delays.

The Solution

We brought in an experienced Employment Branding Consultant to assess the situation and design a solution. The consultant created a comprehensive talent brand activation strategy to increase hiring and improve production at the facility.

The strategy included:

  • Overhauling and refreshing the company’s referral program
  • A video series showcasing the new facility
  • Revamping job descriptions to enhance the brand story
  • Organic and paid social media recruitment strategies
  • Training on social media recruitment best practices
  • Recommendations for optimizing job boards
  • Training on job board recruitment process
  • Designing new branded print materials
  • Low-cost recruitment efforts including career fairs and university events
  • Identifying KPIs to measure strategy effectiveness

The Benefit

The new strategy helped the company:

  • Increase hiring by 50% in just three months
  • Improve the plant’s production and output
  • Save $150,000 through optimized job board spending
  • Improve time to fill for facility roles
  • Boost brand awareness and strengthen corporate brand
  • Grow its number of referred applicants
  • Improve ROI for recruiting methods

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