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Transportation & Logistics Strategy

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The Client

Seafood supplier and manufacturer

The Challenge

Despite being a large manufacturing company serving more than 200 customers across North America, the company was struggling to create a viable transportation strategy.

The company approached transportation in a transactional manner and lacked strategic relationships with carriers, direction for future planning, and the resources to create long-term value.

Additionally, the company was using spreadsheets for much of their data management, which created issues with data storage, quality, and organization.

The Solution

Catena Solutions deployed a Senior Logistics and Transportation Executive to develop and execute a transportation and logistics strategy for the company.

We focused on:

  • Helping build long-term carrier relationships
  • Developing a routing guide and expanding the company’s carrier base
  • Negotiating rates with carriers to deliver the best value
  • Providing market insight so the company could optimize their rates
  • Recommending adjustments for AP processes to prevent inaccurate payments
  • Creating two routing guides for the Coordinating team
  • Collaborating with Procurement to drive cost savings on raw materials shipments
  • Recommending a transportation management system (TMS) to improve technology use, fix data issues, and track future savings
  • Optimizing third-party storage to lower shipment costs
  • Recommending a solution to better track overall freight cost

The Benefit

  • 30-40% transportation cost savings depending on the shipping lane
  • Optimization of overall carrier base
  • Laid the groundwork for the company to build the transportation team and increase support

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