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Order-to-Cash Process Optimization

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The Client

Multinational steel manufacturing corporation

The Challenge

Over the years, the company acquired additional steel mills and inherited a variety of internal processes. Redundancies and inefficiencies within these processes caused serious complications with quality, customer service, employee retention, and sales. Order entry was an area of particular concern. At one point, three different order entry processes and systems were used, which impacted the company’s ability to meet their customers’ needs efficiently and effectively. Their goal was to create a world class customer service organization.

The Solution

Our team partnered with the organization in three phases to define, identify, and implement a sustainable order entry process to achieve world-class service.

  • Phase One: Our consultant worked closely with key company leaders to define “world-class service.” That definition helped them identify the critical value drivers and behaviors required to achieve this service level.
  • Phase Two: The organization’s roles, talent, processes, metrics, and rewards were aligned to support the desired behaviors and value drivers.
  • Phase Three: Our consultant led and monitored the implementation of this new vision and strategy through employee communication and training, and various new measures and behavioral adoption.

The Benefit

As a result of partnering with our team, our client now has a unified order taking system across all acquired steel mills. Streamlining this process has addressed customer service concerns and assists the organization in providing world-class service.

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