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Supply & Materials Planning Resources

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The Client

Global snack food company

The Challenge

The company was in the process of implementing Blue Yonder. As part of the process, the company needed various internal employees to provide their subject matter expertise throughout the implementation.

This led to strained workloads for the SMEs working on the implementation project, and as a result the company was anticipating an increase in turnover and a decrease in productivity.

The Solution

Catena Solutions brought in a team to support the organization with SMEs being pulled away to assist with the implementation.

Our consultants provided senior expertise and guidance to the Supply Planning and Materials Planning teams to enable the tactical day-to-day operations of the company.

Supply Planning Solution: Our consultants supported the Supply Planning team by developing and implementing production plans and driving the strategic execution needed to deliver the organization’s goals on order fill rates, obsolete inventory, inventory levels, and cost optimization.

Materials Planning Solution: Our consultants supported the Materials Planning team by ensuring packaging supply while maximizing value. Packaging categories in scope included flexibles and cartons; packaging categories for future consideration included master cases.

The Benefit

  • Reduced turnover risk: Our consultants eliminated the turnover risk for the company’s internal employees involved in the implementation.
  • Increased productivity: Our skilled resources leveraged their senior-level expertise to quickly learn internal processes with minimal training, exceeding performance expectations.
  • Process optimization: Our consultants identified and recommended improved processes to decrease inefficiencies and integrated the processes into the implementation.

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