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Data Set Automation

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The Client

Global medical device organization

The Challenge

The company discovered configuration issues between their HRIM and payroll systems. Due to incongruent data sets, much of the data was outdated or incorrect. The process to audit the data between the two systems was manual and time consuming. When discrepancies were identified, oftentimes 2-3 months’ worth of data had to be corrected. The company was experiencing overpayments, non-payments, and was at risk for an upcoming audit.

The Solution

The company recognized the need to automate the data reconciliation between the two systems. Based on prior experience, they knew this could be accomplished with a bot. The team partnered with us to access the right consultant to deliver a fully automated solution in a short timeframe.

Our consultant met with the client’s project team to understand the impact this challenge had on the team as well as downstream across the organization. We were able to quickly scope out the project and identify both the discrepancies and opportunities for automation. Our consultant was nimble, as always, so even when data sources changed throughout the project we were able to adjust and remediate quickly. The bot is now up and running, and the consultant provided the team with the tools they needed for any future maintenance.

The Benefit

  • The company is now in compliance and the two systems are in sync
  • The bot allows our client to proactively find errors instead of reacting to employee complaints, providing an increase in reputation value to employees
  • Regular data comparisons minimize payment errors and corrections, saving upwards of $10,000 in amendment fees each year
  • The company now has confidence in a clean audit and has a platform to address future areas of automation/process improvement

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